Convenient prices and customization are not the only features and advantages that we offer our customers. In addition to a one­to­one consultation at each stage of composition and production, we offer an all­-inclusive service to our clients that entrust us with the production of such an important element as the sofa.

At inSofa the service and cost of transport and logistics is included in the price. We are able to reach all the European market and deliver your sofa within a short span of time. This unique service ensures smoother management and timely deliveries and allows our clients to experience the quality of our service, from start to finish. Thanks to the partnership with Ditre International and the use of their establsatishment we can meet all the needs of our customers and supply an adequate and flexible logistics service.

The important production capacity and potential together with the logistics structure makes InSofa the ideal partner for any individual or company requiring maximum efficiency, timely deliveries, transport expertise and organization. You can feel the quality of our services not only through our innovative products and attention to detail but in the efficiency of our staff who are passionate about their work and take great pride in satisfying a customer. A real guarantee of competence, professionalism and punctuality at your disposal!

Integrated management of production, sales and logistics resources . Insofa can also rely on other production units in the establishments of DiTre International in Romania, wheras all the sales transactions, logistics services and customer assistance are carried out in the Italian headquarters.

Why InSofa? For its production potential, its logistics structure and competitiveness. InSofa is the ideal partner for customers in Modern Distribution that require competence and reliability from a supplier without sacrificing convenience and innovation.



With 3 locations around the world dedicated to production and integrated logistics allowing speedy and timely deliveries, InSofa is the ideal partner for all customers who require not only certified quality, but also reliability and efficiency from their sofa manufacturer.

The distribution of services throughout Europe guarantees fast delivery to all destinations and also provides an equally efficient customer service and assistance in various languages to satisy buyers.

On contacting our helpline you will receive immediate and real­time updated news on your orders in your own language and get advice on all the details. This service makes a difference and integrates all the guarantees that InSofa can supply on the quality of the products and means of transport.

The affordability of InSofa products does not preclude the exclusive service of having not only competent experts at your disposal but qualified consultants to able to answer all your requests with the utmost efficiency. Our integrated management system allows us to monitor all phases of production, from design to delivery, to customer service at 360 degrees!



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